Sunday, September 2, 2007

Our flock increaseth

This summer we have added two more members to our flock. Julianna who is turning nine in a month has been wanting a bird of her own ever since Emmy got Kito. So she now has a birthday bird, a beautiful lutino cockatiel named Isabella. They love each other very much and all of us love Isabella. She loves to sit on your shoulder while you do much of anything- she lives on me while I go about my kitchen duties, laundry detail and even "helps" pick up the girls from the bus stop. (In the car of course). The other new resident is a Sun Conure named Soleil, which is French for Sun. She is a clown and very smart and although she is not a chronic screamer as conures are known to be, she does need to tell everyone when she wakes up or when someone new walks in a room. She can belt it out, let me tell you. Jon ADORES Soleil and she him- she loves me very much and her favorite spot to rest is under my shirt, with her little head resting on my chest and once in a while she'll pop her head out and see who's in the room.
We have two more foster dogs, a 13 year old IG, Danny and a 8 month old named Shadow- IGs surrendered into a kill shelter for "potty issues". We will have them until they are adopted and Shadow will go very quickly- he's young and flashy. As for Danny, I don't know how long he'll be here, but he's old and easy, so that's no problem.
I am somewhat mortified about people coming to stay with us now as the dogs and Soleil have a strict 6am waking time, regardless of our waking time. Mornings here are NUTS. Soleil could wake the dead with her good morning screech. SO, if you are planning to come see us any time soon, bring your ear plugs and roll your eyes when WE CAN'T SEE YOU DO IT. (Actually, I think we might put folks up in my mom's empty house while she and Daddy are out of town.) It's a zoo, but it's our zoo, and all the inhabitants are very grateful for this second chance at life, and we are happy (most of the time) to give them our love, our time, and our morning coffee. (Which we now need more of, by the way.) The head zookeeper has added feeding the dogs in the morning to his routine so that I could concentrate on Emily and Julianna on school mornings, and I am very grateful for that. I've been doing it for 12 years, so it's nice to have someone take that for a while. :) Our flock has increaseth, but we have ALOT of senior citizens here, so it's only temporary. The birds, however, may outlive Jon and me. HEAVENS!!!!