Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm back with a bang!

Well, every fall I get into a "funk"- my depression kicks in with the cold weather and so does an old neck injury, so I have been going to PT and sleeping alot, but I am up now and ready to be creative again. I guess I will write about the things that have gone through my head alot lately. You may agree or you may heartily disagree, but here's my take on two things- Michael Phelps and pink ribbons. The idea for this starting rolling around in my head after I bought some club crackers and there was Michael Phelps. On the box. What box has HE NOT BEEN ON??? What magazine cover, what TV show, what newspaper? "Yea, well he won 8 gold medals in swimming, Anne!" SO WHAT. There is one thing in this world that I think indicates how screwed up our morals are as Americans. What honor and glory we give athletes and how little glory they give God for their talent. I just looked up the top NBA salaries and they START AT $24 MILLION DOLLARS A SEASON. Am I the only one who finds that just a bit ridiculous? Now, Michael Phelps worked hard, and he trained hard, but the bottom line is that God gave him the talent He has. And who does he thank??? HIS MOTHER. His mom was probably was a huge influence on him and I have nothing about his mom or him, but I just think that there are some other people who should be on cracker boxes, cereal boxes, and magazine covers. How about Jimmy Carter, who has been promoting peace in the Middle East for the last 20 something years- where is he? How about the missionaries who give medical help to those in Africa dying from malaria? Have you seen THEM on the cover of People lately? Have Katie and Matt Lauer interviewed THEM?? No, they interview a girl who got herself into $22,000 of debt buying Gucci purses and Prada shoes at $200 a pop and getting her hair done for $300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????????? For God's sake, Matt, get a life, get some priorities and quit making heroes out of idiots.
My second question is this- why is everything around me pink? Now, before you go getting all testy about me not being sensitive to breast cancer, let me say this- I love and personally know some very WONDERFUL AND FINE breast cancer survivors. So I am not against breast cancer research. BUT, why aren't there purple ribbons, blue ribbons, orange ribbons, green ribbons, and black ribbons all over stores? Why doesn't Cystic Fibrosis have green ribbons all over the paper, the grocery store and magazines? Why can't I buy Prostate Cancer coffee in an orange can? Why can't I buy a blue umbrella to help fight Lung and Throat Cancer? You know why??? BECAUSE WOMEN ARE DETERMINED. And they will work their butts off to get a cure for what affects them most and I think that is AWESOME. However, I think that if you were to look at mortality rates ( I tried to do this and couldn't find it fast enough) you will see that there are LOTS OF DISEASES with much higher mortality rates than breast cancer and where are their ribbons??? Get some women on that, would ya? I want to see Cystic Fibrosis knocked out too.