Sunday, May 6, 2007

How do they find me???

Well, we've got another cat. He is an uneutered male (soon to be neutered) and young- probably a year or less. My memory card is full or I'd include a picture. He is beautiful in a very unboyish way. He has longer hair with green eyes and a beautiful ruff of fur around his face. Very striking boy he is. He showed up a few days ago and at first just wanted food. Now he could care less about the food, he wants LOVE. He is thin, so I am sure he needs the food, but he will leave the food bowl if you come out into the garage and he will beg to be pet. I told Jon that he was sticking around and Jon said, " Is he sweet, will he let you pet him?" "Yes, he's a sweetie, I said." "Cool", was Jon's reply. I said, "He's not fixed." Jon said, " He will be soon, right?". This is our little "dance" of new animals. It is understood between us that no animal that comes to us will be turned away or put to sleep, unless it is very sick. It is understood that if the animal is healthy and gets along with the others, he will be vetted (yes, we get a discount) and taken in. So, tomorrow I am off to the vet to make sure he's not sick with some awful disease and get his reproductive parts taken care of and then a name for the pretty boy. It's always hard to do that because all of our male cats have female names, so I am sure this one will be no exception. It's the price you pay to become a Trinkle cat- you're gonna have a pretty name. Sigh......................... I don't know how they know to come here, but they do, and they must know somehow that kindness lives at this house.


Donna said...

I think your animals get the word out that YOUR house is the place to be! We're down to 2 animals! Sammy is lonely.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your friend Donna needs a few of your animals, since she is down to 2!! Love, Belinda