Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My new assignment from God!

Well, God tells me things sometimes and they are almost always bizarre things that I would never think myself. A few examples are- adopters lost their dog 5 hours after they adopted him and God said, " Take Sassy and you will find Milo." Well this dog had been missing for 6 hours and they had been callng him the whole time. I took Sassy and within seven MINUTES we had found him and I got my finger under his collar and he was safe. Insane. Another time it was, " GET AWAY FROM THAT TRUCK NOW!!!" I did, and five miles up the road, there was the truck on fire, with a car stuck underneath it (the person in back of the truck which would have been ME, had not been able to stop in time when the truck caught on fire, and so this sports car was 1/2 under the back of the burning truck. I know the voice and I LISTEN. Well, the last announcement, " I got you through it and now I want you to write about it." I knew instantly that he was talking about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my almost complete healing from it. (Meaning that I am not bed ridden anymore but still have rough days sometimes.) Well, dang it, Lord, I don't want to take on such a serious hard task. But I will. Well the first 20 pages have written themselves- the words have flown out of me like I was just moving my fingers and the words were there. Very weird, but not weird because I knew if this was really from GOD, it would be like that. Always is. Don't know if it will make any difference to other CFS patients but I sure hope it does. Look for it on the New York Bestseller List!!!!


Anonymous said...

Annie, I hope the book writing is going well!!!! Love you


Donna said...

20 pages already? Wow, I can't imagine being able to get all that down as fast as you've done it...amazing!