Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Galina is gone- many tears at the Haven

Well, this is very hard to write and harder yet, because I cannot find any of Galina's pictures. Galina was one of our "showed up at the doorstep" one day kitties who stayed for five years. She was one of the most gorgeous cats I have ever seen- she was a long haired cat with a gorgeous white "ruff" around her neck and four white feet. She was non vocal- but spoke volumes with her body language. She always wanted to smell your hand before she would let you pet her and then preferred to be pet on her body, not her face. She got along with everyone and was always in the garage or in the sun. I cannot write about her death very much as the memories of finding her hurt so badly still. She had a severe UTI which we didn't know about and would have no way of knowing about and the poison from her kidneys spread throughout her body. I went out to feed and she was lying under my van and I knew INSTANTLY that something was VERY WRONG- I grabbed her and yelled to Jon, who was sleeping, " Jon, Galina is very sick, I need you right now in the kitchen!" We rushed her to the ER vet and learned what was wrong and that she was hypothermic (her heating pad was 1 foot from my van but she couldn't get there, I guess) and that the cost to try and save her would be over $1000 and the vet thought it was too late. I said, " Please put her to sleep." I cried like an animal- I was in a white t shirt with her blood and fur on it and I was barefoot- I cared for NOTHING except rushing her to the vet- nothing else mattered. We brought her home for the other cats to say goodbye to and buried her in the backyard. A sudden death here is a horrific thing for all of us, but especially for me. We are prepared for old dogs and cats to die and it hurts, but it isn't like this- this is like a stabbing knife and I spent most of the day in bed yesterday sleeping, as when I was awake my mind was filled with visions of her, the syringe the horrid ER vet left with us that had her bloody urine in it, and her nuzzling against my shirt on the way to the vet- completely paralyzed but she could feel her face and for once in her life she wanted, NEEDED me to stroke her face- I stroked the whole way there, and said, " We love you little girl- hang on, we're going to get help." She responded to my touch, moving closer to my hand and resting in my armpit. I will not advertise the emergency vet we went to, but the vet there was abrupt, ugly and just made the whole thing more horrific. I know she is with my other kitties who died of old age and I pray that she will tell them hello for me and spend the rest of her days in the sun, being admired by the company she is in. We love you little Galina. I love you so much little girl- I am so sorry I couldn't save you- I am so sorry I didn't know you were sick- I am so grateful that the last thing you knew was my hand, my voice, and the warmth of my body. I miss you so.

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In Honor of Galina:
Galina's Eulogy

Truly Heartfelt and Deeply Soulful Condolences on the sorrowful and painful loss of your Beloved Kitty Beautiful Graceful Galina. I can see her in my mind's eye joyfully running and jumping and playing with other kitties while enjoying much their newfound graceful buoyancy in a place encompassing beautiful green and golden glowing fields and softly rolling hills covered with the most beautiful bluish green hue of soft grass with weavings of golden wheat and catnip and colorful flowers of all sizes and shapes and peaceful butterflies fluttering about next to a slow but constant running waterfall and bubbling brook. All of these kitties earnestly and joyfully await the day when they gleefully get to see and hug and give kitty kisses to their beloved owners in the new world to come for us all at the Parousia. For now they are happy, at peace, serene and joyful and St. Francis and the four Arch Angels particularly the Arch Angel Michael who carries the supernal visage of the Lion and the Holy Hayyoth (Keepers and Protectors of all animals)visit them daily to play games and tell wonderful stories while they fall into an occasional serene golden slumbering catnap and for now everything is right and peaceful in their very own safe and secure domain of the Universe until we meet them again and forever.