Monday, January 25, 2010

Samson is in doggie heaven and I KNOW IT IS TRUE! AMAZING STORY!!

Well, I share stories of miracles, sadness, things that make us laugh here and all of it is true. And I always have said that God is a very specific God. Today was such evidence of this- this story will truly amaze you but please know it's true, because it happened to ME.

Samson is our 17 year old greyhound and most of you that follow the blog know his story- he was given to us five years ago and we thought we would have him for a few months. The months turned into years and he is the finest dog we have ever owned- hands down. He has been my "soul dog"- the one really special dog in your life. He was a fast runner and was the fastest dog here for a long time- then we noticed him limping. So, our vet told us his knee in the rear left was just shot with arthritis, so we put him on Deramaxx for the last 2 or 3 years. Well in July of 09 he was doing very badly- his arthritic knee was hurting him alot and he didn't get off the couch at all during the day. I called Dr. Rockefeller, my vet and told her it was time. Jon dug his grave and we waited the two days for Dr. R to come. Samson did a turn around that was like a miracle- he was playing and running- and Jon said, " He saw that hole and said, " NOT YET FOLKS!!!"

The last few days Samson has been in horrible pain and his bad knee has been collapsing under him and I knew today when I looked at him that it was the day to send him to relief. So I took him in and Dr. Eslick , who is also my vet, but not the one who knows Samson said, " So we are evaluating him today?" And I was shaken- I had told them I was bringing Sam in for a PTS. (Put to sleep). I said, "NO!" "So you want him to be put to sleep today?" And I am thinking, " AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH why is she asking me this?" But it went peacefully and I cried all over his beautiful brown nose and sang him all his songs. I had alot of special "Mom and Sam" songs I sang to only Sam. I left and thought, " His body is made new and his soul is at rest." I was driving home and I saw something standing in the road and as I got closer, I saw that it was a GREYHOUND. He looked confused and walked in the middle of the road and off to the side. This was in a residential area, so he wasn't at a huge risk to be hit but I noticed he was limping and didn't have a collar on. So I stopped and called him to me and he came. I thought, " Well, he's got to be microchipped, I'll take him back to my vet and find out who his owner is." His nails were well trimmed and he was at a good weight and lots of muscle, so I knew he wasn't a stray. I tried to coerce him to get in my van and he yelped like, " NO WAY LADY!!" I then heard a motorbike behind me and a 70 year old man said, " Thank you maam." I said, " Is this your dog?" "Yes, maam, he just slipped away from me." I said, " Well he's limping, I don't know if he got hit or not- but PLEASE PUT A COLLAR ON HIM, I am headed home after putting my 17 year old greyhound to sleep." He smiled and said, " Well thank you again." The dog ran to him and off they went. And I was filled with JOY- it was like God saying, " Don't worry, it was the right day, Anne, and I have him and here's a little miracle for you. I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN A GREYHOUND WANDERING IN OR AROUND A ROAD, EVER IN MY LIFE. It's just not something you see. So Samson, thanks for sending me that reassuring message that you were protected and taken home like this old man's dog was. I love you Sam Sam.


Anonymous said...

Deepest Sympathy and Deepest Heartfelt Condolences on the Passing of
your Soul Puppy Sam

Sam is in Puppy Heaven now at Peace and Happy and awaiting that joyful day when you will be united with him again and forever. Puppy Heaven is a very Special Place. The sun is always shining in all its splendor and the sky is always the most beautiful blend of blue,green, pink, purple and orange hues you have ever seen. There are beautiful foothills surrounded by fabulous fields of the softest rolling green grass and colorful flowers of all shapes and sizes everywhere. Butterflies flutter about awaiting the next adult dog or little puppy to come play with them as they play neverending games of chase and Launch Pad. Launch Pad is a doggy heaven game in which one or somtimes two or more butterflies take a rest by alighting on a doggy's back for a little while. So in this very special place you will sometimes see doggies resting with butterflies sleeping on their backs and sometimes you will see the doggies running and the butterflies laughing and holding on for the ride because when the dogs run the wind tickles the butterflies. Eventually though each butterfly launches off into the air from the doggy's back (Launch Pad). The really brave butterflies do this while the dog is running and sometimes end up in encircling swirls of wind until they come to light on another doggy's back or a flower all the while laughing. The dogs and puppies all find this very amusing and funny and they just love the butterflies. In the foothills there are big beautiful caves with floors of soft thick velvety purple-blue grass and lined with the most amazing glowing and sparkling crystals all over the ceilings which give-off the most beautiful sparkling starbursts of twinkling light of every color imaginable. This is where the doggies sleep and eat. While the crystals sparkle and glow providing light inside these amazing caves there are still shaded little knooks here and there among the most beautiful layouts of large smooth tuscan colored stones where the dogs and puppies can nestle up together for naps and slumber. Their delicious food appears here at the same time each day in the center of these beautiful caves next to a large pool of the most beautiful clear fresh cool bubbling spring water fed by not only the underground springs but also a fabulous waterfall that flows right out of the encrystalled cave wall to the center and back of each cave. These glorious pools of sparkling water are located right in the center of each of these amazing doggy caves and seemingly flow right into the encrystalled cave wall to the back of the cave under the spectacular waterfall. Each cave is interconnected to the next by large beautiful glowing marble tunnels and each has room for hundreds of dogs and puppies and they often play hide and seek around the giant crystal formations onside the4 caves and the large smooth rocks that lay in groups here and there. St. Francis and the Arch Angel Michael accompanied by the 3 other Arch Angels (Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael) and The Holy Hayyoth (Keepers and Protectors of all animals) visit them each day after they have been to visit the kitties and tell wonderful stories that keep all of the dog and puppies in joyful earnest of the day when they shall again see and hug and give doggie kisses to their beloved owners. Some of the dogs and puppies fall into a golden slumber while they listen to the stories and others stay awake through the entire story and then gently fall into a peaceful golden slumber delightfully dreaming of that most anticpated and joyful day to come when they at last will be with us again and forever. M L C

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