Monday, March 1, 2010

Facebook FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what other people do during the day, but I assume that people with jobs (real paying jobs) work while they are at work. I assume that stay at home moms work while they are at home. So how is it that so many people can spend SO MUCH TIME ON FACEBOOK??? Is this while they are home after the kids are in bed, during their workday, or are their kids learning to potty train themselves while they are playing FARMVILLE???????????????????????? Oh my gosh, I have to say I am beginning to hate Facebook. I get "virtual flowers, lattes, quiches, zucchinis" and all other sorts of crap that frankly I don't want and don't have time to look at!!" Ok, if this is someone's hobby (like reading or watching a show, fine, but I know people who are honest to God on there for 3 hours STRAIGHT. Are you kidding me?????? Is Mafia wars your REAL LIFE???????????? People log on to tell you what they ate for breakfast, that they went to yoga, that their kid made straight A's in school or that they just found an amazing recipe for truffles. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? Maybe I am just a sourpuss, but I don't need to know that you have gone through your 3rd box of tissues with your cold, or that you painted your fingernails blue with black stripes, or that your take out was YUM YUM! I don't know that much about my own family. In this house, we work and we play. I spend most of my day cleaning and taking care of animals, kids, my husband, and our property. I don't have time to pull real weeds much less pull them on Farmville. I think it has become a "virtual reality" for many people as a way to escape from their real lives and that's fine, but when you are pulling weeds in Farmville but haven't emailed your friends in months, something is wrong. I get friend requests from people I don't know EVEN through other people- why are they requesting to be my friend if THEY DON"T KNOW ME?????????????????????????????????? I am THIS close to closing my page, I swear. If I get another "join the support Tim Tebow's commercial club" request or another "could you water my fake plants while I take a virtual vacation", I am going to come loose on someone and it's not going to be pretty.