Saturday, June 16, 2012

Your dog and cat don't need so many shots every year!!!! READ THIS!!!!

Because we are a former rescue, we know a lot of tricks to help save money with our animals. After years of reading on rescue forums and the Internet, I have learned some things that might shock you. First of all, let me say, I am not discouraging anyone from taking their animals to a vet. They do need to be looked over once a year and if your pet is sick or just " down in the chops", it's better to be safe than sorry and NEVER WAIT UNTIL THE WEEKEND to take your dog in. Emergency vets charge you $150-$200 just to SEE you, and then the costs go up from there. Better to take your pet in on a Friday and have peace of mind than to put if off and wind up with a strange vet that you don't know and a hefty vet bill.
I learned years ago that many of the shots that are recommended by some vets (not all) are absolutely unnecessary. My vets do not recommend shots that are not needed, just in case you are wondering- :) Every dog needs to be inoculated against rabies b/c it is a shot required by LAW and it is for the protection of your dog and other animals and people. This is a cheap injection but MUST be given by a vet. There are tri- annual rabies shots now, so this doesn't have to be an annual shot for your dog. Every three years, get your dog his rabies shot- not too hard. The American Veterinary School Association recently made some changes on what they are teaching their vet students about shots. They recommend that if a dog has had ALL OF ITS PUPPY SHOTS in the first year of life, there are several shots that need not be given again unless the dog is in a " high risk" category. Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccine protocols are listed on the link below. This is the protocol that is now followed by most vets and all vet schools. When you read it, you will be shocked to see that your dog or cat has probably been over vaccinated.
The vets and vets schools that helped produce this protocol b/c of an increase in vaccinosis. Basically vaccinosis is a broad term used to describe any auto immune response that a cat or dog has as a result of a vaccine. We are seeing more dogs with bizarre autoimmune diseases now as a result of over vaccinating. We had an Italian Greyhound who died a slow painful death from pemphigus, which is an auto immune disease caused by over vaccination. She had been from home to home for six years and had been given every shot known to man every year of her life. After she came here, she got nothing except her rabies vaccine. It was too late and she acquired pemphigus a few years after coming to us. This was when I started really digging for information about vaccinosis.
I am amazed at how people go to their vet and just have all these shots given to their animals when their pets NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE OR THE YARD!!!! These pets are low risk and are not exposed to distemper, parvo, etc. So why vaccinate against them, because the vaccines are usually good for 7-8 years. Think of the money you will save the the sad illnesses you will spare your babies. Vets make the majority of their income from shots and office visits, not surgeries and emergencies. Routine vaccines and labs are their bread and butter. I do not want us to rob our vets at all, but if you vets are honest, they will know about these new protocols and will NOT PRESSURE YOU TO GET UNNECESSARY SHOTS for your animal. Save that money and have your dog's teeth cleaned every two years instead- it's expensive and necessary b/c many heart and kidney diseases start with that stinky dog breath. It's not just stinky, it's a mouth filled with bacteria that can travel and wreak havoc with our pets' internal organs- and no, it's not a SCAM to get your dog's teeth cleaned- their gums get red and sore and as they age, their teeth get loose and need to be removed.
I love my vets. They adopted these new protocols ages ago and if I ever questioned a vaccine, they would tell me why they thought our dog or cat needed it or didn't. I will say that I am not a big fan of public dog parks- it is the equivalent of letting your toddler play in the McDonald's balls with unvaccinated sick kids who are pooping everywhere. YUCK!!! If you frequent dog parks or dog shows with your dogs, GET THE SHOTS!!!!!! My dogs live here at our own dog park so they need minimal vaccines but always have their teeth cleaned. Blood work? Well, if you want to know what your old dog is probably dying from, do it. If you are like us, and wouldn't do chemotherapy for a 12 year old dog, why know he has cancer? It will become apparent soon enough. Labs can be useful for diabetes and kidney issues, as well as urine tests, which are hard to do at home. :) (They get pee shy with us.)
I hope that this helps some of you who are struggling with money and trying to keep costs down but are frightened that you are harming your dog or cat by not getting certain vaccines. Read the guidelines and talk to to your vet. OH, by the way, any "vet" that has to keep your dog all day for a routine exam and vaccines is not a place I would take my dog to. One I can tell you to steer clear of is B- field. I won't spell it out, they are run by Pet Smart. There is no reason for a dog to be kept for eight hours for a couple of shots and a nail trim- COME ON!!!!
If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I'll comment back- you are FREE FROM CONDEMNATION about annual vaccines, but for goodness sake, get those green teeth cleaned!!! By the way, this is NOT one of my animals!!! :)

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