Monday, September 22, 2014

Great dog training books new and old!!!

People always are looking for the newest, fastest, best, and most effortless ways to have a good dog.  Guess what? It cannot be found, because having a good dog is a time consuming activity and that hasn't changed since the beginning of dog training. 
     When I was a young girl, my mom bought me a book called  No Bad Dogs by Barbara Woodhouse.  She also had a show on PBS. She was a British wonder with dogs.  She was right up my alley because she didn't believe in hitting dogs or tying them up or doing anything to them that she wouldn't want done to her!! If you want to smile and learn how to train your dog too, get her videos from Amazon or whoever you can.
     Another amazing group of men that have been around for a very long time is the Monks of New Skete.  They raise German Shepherds in particular, and believe in compassion as did Barbara Woodhouse.  They have written several excellent books.  Their most famous is " How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend".  They have also written a newer book about raising puppies as you can see above.
    Of course, I would be remiss to not mention Cesar Milan, but as the  quote goes, " There is nothing new under the sun." This is so so true.
Cesar himself would tell you that his amazing ability is from years of watching his father's farm dogs in Mexico and observing their pack behavior. I think if I could ask him a question, it would be this one and I am certain of how he would answer.  WHY? Because I have the same kind of innate knowledge of dog behavior without any fancy training, but because I was surrounded by dogs my entire life and still am. " How do you know what to do with these dogs and their problems?" " It's in my gut, it's an inner knowing, and it also takes some trial and error." Someone who has been around dogs their entire lives, horses as well, I can tell you that there is a "knowing" in your mind and soul that cannot be explained from a book.  It's being able to "read" a dog's face, tail, ears, eyes, and know what is going on in that dog's mind at that moment.  It is the same with horses- I am rarely surprised by any behavior of any dog or horse IF I AM WATCHING THEM CAREFULLY AND BEING QUIET.  Now, I have been nudged on the butt by one of my miniature horses but I knew it was coming b/c I had the feed bucket.  I am not a seer into the future, but the only time I have been bitten was by my own dog,and it was my fault, as I was grooming him while he was lying on his side and I fell on him and he was asleep.  He snapped at whatever fell on him and well he should.  I know when a dog is not safe to go near, bc I watch and am SILENT.   Try it.  Watch your dogs or cats or animals silently and see if you can predict what they might do. Most animals want you to watch them and communicate with them and be close to them.  Want proof? Last night I had a chihuahua under the covers at my hip, a cat on my left leg, and a green cheek conure under my chin.  We were all taking a nap together and everyone knew where everyone else was and we all napped in peace.  It is how life with our animals is supposed to be and these authors and experts are a good place to start if you need some harmony at your house!!!

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