Friday, March 9, 2007

Earthworms are compassionate

My youngest child, Julianna is an animal lover in the most literal sense. She has been known to kiss toads on the lips, rescue lizards from cats, and tell me when one of the dogs looks sad. So it was no surprise when she came in the house recently and said, " Mom, I have a pet worm!" I gave her my normal and supportive animal lover reply. " Jules, that's great, but make sure his soil is damp enough and you give him something to eat." She then went outside and busied herself with her new pet. I went outside 30 minutes later and found her holding her worm. "Mom, you know, most people would say this isn't true, but earthworms are compassionate." I really really had to keep myself from busting out laughing, because I am the biggest animal lover I know, but c'mon, COMPASSIONATE?????????? I smiled (instead of laughing) and said, " Really, Jules? Why?" "Well, they feel what you feel, like if you're hyper, they get all freaked out in your hand, but if you are calm, they are calm." And as she sat there, utterly satisfied with her earthworm, I thought, "Wow, God, you can teach us all something every day, even if it's through a compassionate earthworm." And I was grateful for the lesson.


Christa said...

Nice lesson..interetsing vessel.
who would have earthworm and a child. :)
Nice blog.12 dogs is nothing.. ( tee hee)

Anonymous said...

I mean gosh i really think earth worms are compasanat if no body else does that does not matter. And if no body would kiss a toad on the lips thats ok whith me i like being weird!