Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Share more than meals at the family table

There's a commercial on TV right now about the importance of families communicating and spending time at the dinner table. The narrator says, "Share more than meals at the family table." Well, we already have that down to a fine art. We share our meals and more than our meals with about 4 extra family members. Last night I just had to laugh out loud. Kito and Ranger, our two parrots were eating something off of someone's plate, Pharaoh was standing beside the table hoping for some morsel to fall off the table, and our inside kitty, Truffles was very much wanting someone to pet her. Dogs and cats and birds all near each other??? Yep- and the cat has never once tried to harm the birds, and the dog would never dream of hurting ANYTHING. But we are very careful in spite of their lovely behaviour amidst one another. So amid a scattering of pasta, shrimp, and toast crumbs, we asked our girls about their day and listened intently to their adventures. Meanwhile, we are refereeing the birds, telling Pharaoh that there is no food falling off the table, and telling Truffles, "Wait until supper is over and someone will pet you." Occasionally we would catch someone doing something funny and we would all look at each other and laugh. Yes, we are always sharing more than meals at the family table here at the zoo!!!

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