Monday, January 28, 2008

Bird for breakfast anyone?

Well, our Sun Conure, Soleil spends alot of time on my shoulder in the morning while I am getting breakfast ready for the zoo and the family. This morning I bent over to get some eggs out of the fridge and then I shut the door. I heard this muffled squawk and thought, " That's weird, that sounds like Soleil in a drawer." I looked on my shoulder- no bird. I ran to the microwave in my sleepy and stupified state and looked there- no, just bacon. Then I heard it again- I opened the fridge and there on a side shelf next to the mustard was a little parrot. I laughed and laughed. Our whole family used that as our "when you need a laugh today, think of this" moment. Later, one of the cats got in and I said to Jon, " Where is Jackie?" He said, " I don't know, look in the pantry or the oven."


Donna said...

That's TOO funny!! Good thing you heard him, or you would have had one cold bird :) Now, try not to lose anymore animals in your appliances, k?

Liked your clean laundry analogy're on a roll!

Julie said...

Okay, now that made me laugh!! If it makes you feel any better, the other day I mixed up my hairspray and spray deoderant. Let's just say I had some sticky armpits that day. :)