Sunday, February 17, 2008

We really are in the doghouse NOW!!

Well, we have officially become the doghouse. Over the last two weeks, we have had visiting dogs- at one point, we had our fourteen plus four visitors. Right now, Nuri, the greyhound (seen to the right) and Jack (my friends' dog, they have gone to China to "pick up a baby named Lainey), the Aussie mix are here, along with Nuri's little brother, a Jack Russell named Jordy. There are dog bowls all over the kitchen and dog beds all over the floor in the living room, the office, and our bedroom. And I have gained two new shadows. I cannot sneak out of bed without these two hearing me and following me- (Nuri and Jack). This presents a small problem and I'll tell you why. The "zoo" doesn't officially wake up until six am. I, however, sometimes wake at four or five am. The zoo's alarm clock is Soleil, our sun conure. She wakes eagerly at the first sound of human life in the kitchen or at the sound of a door being opened. So, I've got two dogs who need to go out, and I want some coffee. AT FOUR AM. So I am tiptoeing around, trying not to turn on lights or make any sounds at all- for TWO HOURS. Now, this quarantines me to the office- with Jack and Nuri lying either on the couch or the office floor, calmly waiting for breakfast which I cannot fix until six. What's the big deal about six, you ask? Well, that is when Jon and the girls wake for work and school. If they are awakened before then, WOE to the fool who wakes them up. So, here I am, stuck in the office, writing this, when I really need to be

doing laundry

emptying the dishwasher

cleaning the living room

taking a shower (that wakes up the porch crowd)

walking on the treadmill

I keep saying that Soleil is the wrench in the works, but noone around here agrees. In the meantime, I am secretly enjoying being the center of someone's universe (Nuri's and Jack's), even if it does mean being sequestered in this tiny room. Sometimes being in the doghouse isn't all that bad.

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Donna said...

So, I guess I'm way behind in reading your blog, eh? So, Jack slept on the COUCH at Aunt Anne's?? He WAS spoiled :) You're weird waking up at 4am, by the way. I've been crawling out around 8am lately...