Monday, February 18, 2008

Greyhound party at the Trinkle house

Last Saturday, I invited the greyhound social group that I joined to come to our house and play in the pasture. I didn't count, but I am pretty sure that we had about 12 or 13 greyhounds here. They ran gleefully around the pasture, looking like the elegant racers that they are. Greyhounds (as well as most sighthounds) recognize each other as the same breed and instantly get along, with none of the "raised hair on the back" nonsense that goes on in dog parks when you try to mix labs, chis, poodles, and pit bulls. They just look at each other and say, " Who's it?" And then the running begins. It is a lovely sight, and greyhound owners find great pleasure in watching them and commenting on how fast they are, or how beautiful someone else's greyt is. I met some really lovely people and Rosie (my dentist's greyhound, whom I keep when they are out of town) and Nuri and Samson, were all very excited and made some new friends, both human and dog. My visitors got to see the IGs and some of the IGs actually ran with the big dogs. We all agreed that it was a fantastic day and I will be extending another invitation soon. Wouldn't it be great if meeting people was this easy? Just touch noses and say, "We're friends!" God really knew what He was doing when he created animals- they are good examples to us of what a peaceable kingdom should be.

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