Saturday, June 16, 2012

What do you want to know?

I have many friends and people who have adopted animals from me that keep my email or phone number and years later, they may contact me with questions about their animals' care.  I absolutely love helping people even though I have retired from rescue.  I can give people information about things such as:

how to treat your dogs and cats for heartworms for under $50 a year, regardless of number of pets- and YES cats do die from heartworms- the black and white cat at the bottom died from them and his name was Cookie and it was so traumatic for me.  Most people don't realize that cats can get heartworms too!!

what food will make even the sickest dog eat

how to give sub Q fluids (under the skin for dehydrated animals) this info is not breed specific-  same thing for dogs, cats, squirels etc.

the one vet manual every pet owner needs to buy and have on hand at all times

how to treat for eat mites without going to the vet

how to care for dogs after surgery of any kind, what to do and what not to do and how to avoid problems

common myths about the shots cats and dogs need/vs what your vet may tell you

how to deal with most behavior issues in dogs and cats

how to read your pet's body language for stress, fear, anger, etc.

what should NOT be in your dog or cat food

why to get your dog from a rescue or shelter and not a breeder or a pet store- VERY IMPORTANT

how to know when your animal is sick without any outward symptoms

what a fever is in a dog or cat and how to take their temps

how to pil your dog or cats easily

how to trim your animals nails without all the DRAMA

So if you ever have a question and your vet isn't available, email me at or post your question here.  I am not a vet, not a vet technician, and I will not advise if I believe the animal should see a vet, but I can answer many questions that can help you determine whether a vet visit is warranted or not.  I have had the same amazing vets for 17 years and I love them dearly- I used to see them once a week almost b/c we had so many rescues and so many issues, but as I have learned more and know how to do more, we see them much less.  I actually miss them and we all get excited when I go in- I have to catch them up on my life and vice versa.  They are listed on the side bar- Augustine Loretto Animal Clinic- (904) 262-4553.  They are hands down the BEST VETS in north Florida.  I also have a mobile vet that I love- Dr. Cheek- Animal Care on Wheels- (904)389-4826.  She helps me with animals that are too large to get into the car (I have really bad lower back issues)  or "mass vaccinations" of cats, which is very neccesary b/c getting six cats in carriers is life threatening.  :)  Enjoy the pictures and let me know if I can help you in any way- no question is too small.  :)



Bishwajit Paul said...

The sympathy for the animals is worth praising.

Anonymous said...

So, how do you treat several pets for heartworm prevention on just $50?? I too have a small zoo and always looking for ways to save money for their care, especially in today's economy. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you would like to have a question answered you need to email me at or leave your email address. I can't answer you if I don't have a place to respond. ;)