Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gizmo and the frog

 I tell people that Pharaoh's Haven is special b/c our animals all get along in an unreal way.  Dogs love the cats and the cats love the dogs and the horses love the cats etc.  Well the other day we hit an all time new.  Julianna was walking Gizmo and she noticed something on his back.   It was a tiny green tree frog.  He looked cold and dehydrated so she thought, " I'll just let him stay there if it doesn't bother Gizmo, as he often allows one of our cats to lie on him and clean his ears." Well the frog sat there.  When Gizmo trotted, the little frog held on for dear life!!! Julianna finally decided that the little frog might be warm but also might get hurt if he fell off or if Gizmo bit at him.  So she tenderly removed him and put him in a sunny spot in the pasture.  I just cannot imagine how that tiny frog got there to begin with.  The things God does here never cease to amaze me. 
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Blake Martin said...

I love to hear stories like this! It kind of reminds me of the lion and the lamb although i don't think that a horse and a frog has the rivalry of the previous but amusing still the same :) how many different animals do you have?

Anne said...

We currently have five dogs, five cats, five parrots, one bearded dragon and a bunny.