Thursday, October 4, 2007

I love this old dog, even if he was someone else's for 13 years!!!

This is Danny, the 13 year old that was surrendered at the Clay County Shelter for peeing in his house. This is the sweetest dog. He is quiet, loving, and so very obedient. He just needed to wear a belly band in the house and he hasn't tried to pee on the furniture once. What a gift he has been to our family- and in exchange, he will be able to grow old in peace and surrounded by people who love him. People "get rid" of these old dogs and never know what a gift they have given our family, so I am grateful even to these people who throw away these old dogs. One man's trash is another man's treasure. And what a treasure this old dog is to me. (Follow up on Danny- his owners contacted us after two weeks, just distraught and realizing they had made a rash decision and wanted him back. Knowing that we have a God that forgives bad decisions and allows second chances, we invited her to come and get her dog. She was overjoyed and he is doing well.)

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Donna said...

A new dog?!? How many does that make? He sure does look sweet and happy with his new mama.