Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New older gentleman comes here to live out his last years

This is Samson. Samson is 13 years old. He was a racer for seven years, we think. He then was with one owner for 5 years and another for one year. I found him on Craiglist- free to good home. Greyhounds live to be fifteen if they are in very good health, so I knew when I took him that we would not have him for a very long time. We have never had a full size greyhound before, but have a dear friend whose Greyhound stays with us while the family is on vacation. Samson is in mediocre shape. He has arthritis in his left hip and has very few teeth left in the front. (Greyhounds kept at the track try to gnaw their way out of the cage and it grinds their teeth down the the pulp, which is what happened with Samson.) He is a bit underweight and sleeps alot. He loves it here- he moved in the first day with NO adjustment issues at all, except he hates being at the house alone. The first time we got ready to leave to go somewhere, he popped up and started panting and acting very worried. I assured him that I wouldn't leave him for more than a couple of hours. So, now he has his own crate in our bedroom (don't know what we're going to do with the chair that was there before), and a family that adores him. Jon and I had gone to the track about six years ago and Jon was always IN LOVE with the brindled colored ones. I always went for the solid black ones. So here we are, with a brindle black Greyhound, who is an old man. He will accompany me to the local schools when I do my humane education programs. I had been praying about who to take with me, as none of our dogs are really suitable to take to schools- they either LICK people to death (Sassy), or they pee on things (Ra), or they are too scared to even look a child in the eye. (Tigger). So, when Samson came here, God said, " Here he is- the perfect dog for the classrooms." I was astounded. He is quiet, loves kids, and happy to lie on a floor and be adored by anyone. And he has PERFECT housemanners. Shouldn't amaze me that God provided a ram in the thicket, but He did- AGAIN. And this one already came with a Biblical name.

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Donna said...

He looks so sweet, can't wait to meet him.