Monday, June 23, 2008

The kindness of strangers........and friends- I am so awed! Read and be amazed.

Since Jon and I have never in 8 years asked for a penny for our rescue, I was very hesitant to ask for help. One night God said to me, " Have you asked for help?" I thought, "No, I have just worried myself sick over the dog." God said in my mind, "Ask and you shall receive." That was it. I knew then and there that it was OK to ask. (I don't argue with God.) The outpouring has been unbelievable. Every day my mailbox has been full with envelopes- and each day my pay pal account has new postings. My friends have spread the word and given of their own money and we have gotten checks from people we don't even know. Today, however, was the day that made my jaw drop open.

I was mailing a microscope and some slides to a homeschooling family- we were selling it to help raise money for Pica's surgery. So this man is behind me at the post office and he says, " WOW, what a great microscope- why in the world are you getting rid of that?" I went on to explain that we had used it while we were homeschooling and that I was selling it to raise money for my dog who needed knee surgery. He went on to tell me that he studied science and how he loved microscopes and how you couldn't find a decent old fashioned quality one anymore- (I can't remember the details because I was freaking out at what he said next.) Anyway, he said, " Do you have a website for your rescue and the dog who needs surgery? I'd love to help and I have alot of friends who would love to help too." I about fell out on the floor, I mean it. (That's Southern for I almost fainted.) I said, " Are you serious?" He said, " Absolutely!!!" So I thought, " Anne, what in the heck is the official address of your blog?" And I couldn't remember it- the EXACT wording of it and then I looked down and realized that on the bottom half of the email with Angela's address (the one I was sending the microscope to) was the FIRST LETTER I SENT OUT ASKING FOR HELP- complete with my blog address, and my email information. I said, " Wow, as a matter of fact, I have the whole story right here- " So I ripped the bottom off and gave it to him and he shook my hand and said, " My name is Tom." I of course told him my name and just thanked him with this (I am sure) dumfounded look on my face. He said, " I will do it- I can promise you that." And he put it in his pocket and left the post office. I stood there, just mesmerized at what had just occurred- it was like a dream or something- and I didn't SOLICIT- HE ASKED. God is so specific- like I say all the time- God is so specific. If I doubted for a minute that He is IN THIS and approves of this rescue, those doubts have been cast aside forever after these six days. God wants that dog to have this surgery and he wants us to continue our rescue efforts. Thank you to all of you who have helped spread the word about Pica and our rescue. We have the amount needed for her knee, and any further donations we get will be used to pay for her x-rays, her consultation fee ($150) and any other costs that will be incurred for her care- medicines, physical therapy, etc. Gainesville is an hour and a half from here, so some of the money will even be used to help pay for gas. She will have several post op visits, so we'll be doing alot of driving. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. I cannot adequately express how grateful we are that you would care for this tiny and precious creature.


Donna said...

Yep, that's amazing. That you taking a microscope to the PO would turn into a definite help for Pica. God works wonderfully! Hugs,

moppet said...

Hey there reading the truly amazing stories of things that you both have a big heart and lots of love to go around.