Friday, June 27, 2008

Surgeries surgeries everywhere!

Oh my heavens. After being on cloud nine about Pica's surgery being paid for, we took our youngest daughter, Julianna for an MRI for her foot- she had developed a growth from the inside of the foot and it was getting bigger and causing her alot of pain. So we waited for the results and took our greyhound, Quinn, in for his neuter and had the doctor look at his toe- it had been bothering him. The vet called and said, " Anne, the toe is obliterated- it was broken (shattered ) years ago on the track probably and noone treated it- it has to come off. So, he got neutered and his second toe removed. Then the phone rang and it was the podiatrist- "Anne, you got a minute?" "I know, it's surgery for Jules, right?" "Yep- it's not an emergency but the MRI showed a soft tissue mass and it has to come out." "Ok, we can deal with that- everyone around here is having surgery- knees replaced, toes amputated, and soft tissue masses removed." So she can have her week at the beach and then the surgery and then will start school with crutches. It's not cancer- Dr. Tillo said, " I am certain this is just some weird benign thing, Anne." He's the one who did my surgery so I trust him. So.................. Quinn stays at the vet tonight and comes home tomorrow with two less testicles and one less toe and then Jules in August and then Pica after Jules is healed up. (She is still having her consultation on June 30.) They say things happen in threes, so I hope this is our three. Pray for Jules surgery that we can get it done when we need it to be done- - she's had such a rough spring that we so want her to have her week at the beach, but if that is the only time they can do it, then so be it. Thanks for all your love and support.

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