Monday, June 30, 2008

God is so good- Pica's surgery is TUESDAY!

Well I went to Gainesville today for the evaluation and they graded her left knee as a 3 ( 1 is the least and 4 is the worst) and her right leg as a 2 headed rapidly towards 3. So I spoke with the doctor who is doing the surgery- a very intelligent, warm, and caring German vet- Dr. Detlef Apelt. I really liked him alot- he's very experienced and very thorough in his explanation and showed great interest in Pharaoh's Haven. :) The intern, Eric was super friendly and helpful. ANYWAY- they said she needs surgery ASAP or the ACL will get involved and that would be MORE surgery. So I said, " When can you do surgery?" " Tomorrow if that's ok with you." I almost fainted- that's just unheard of- they usually have a wait. He explained the surgery in great detail (it's actually three proceedures- one to deepen the knee socket, one to straighten the ligaments and one to insert pins to keep everything straight- her knees pop out to the sides instead of in, and that is unusual- it's called lateral luxating patellas and it's not as common as medial luxating patellas and I guess the surgery is a bit more involved.) I pick her up Thursday. She will be wrapped up and in a crate or walked on a leash for SIX WEEKS. So, everyone keep your fingers crossed and pray for a great outcome. Thank you again to all who donated. I'll update tomorrow after surgery and again after we get her home. Email this update to anyone who you forwarded the letter to- so they know to keep checking the blog for her progress. We may get a price break on the surgery which would be great, especially since I got the very unexpected news that the other leg will need surgery at some later point as well. :( I thought it looked bad, but I was NOT thinking we would do two knees. I am thinking that will be in, but I won't know until I talk to Dr. Apelt on Thursday. So your donations are even more appreciated. Love, Anne


B. said...

I hope the surgery goes well!

Anonymous said...

Wow Anne, When it rains, it pours! So Pica's surgery is today and when is Jules'? Love, Belinda