Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally back on and here comes Fay!

Well, we were without power for eight hours and without phones and internet for six days due to a huge tree falling. I thought I would lose my mind without the computer. So now we are back and Fay is coming. I hope we don't lose them both again. Things here are just "weird". It's raining, we don't know whether school (the girls are supposed to start Friday) is cancelled or not, I am still sick with diarrhea, and it's forcasted to rain for the next SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT. Owning 15 dogs with that forecast is NOT FUN. Am I complaining? No, because it's not a big deal- I just feel kind of "off". I don't know where my kids will be, don't know when to let the dogs out, have a baby squirrel who needs to wean but won't and I feel tired and blah. I can't even write coherently today- dang. I will post pics of Sadie on the next post- she's a new baby squirrel that came about a week ago, right after the pinkies died. She's doing great and very healthy. Berkley stayed here- we had someone who was interested in him but realized that he is too much work for them with their work schedule. So we got a consolation prize named Berkley. Here he is, so cute and smart. He is half poodle (the smart part) and half Ig- the cute part.

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Anonymous said...

Anne, I actually checked for you whether the girls had school or not and they still do. St. Johns has not cancelled school for friday and neither did duval. Duval is only out wed and thurs. Love you, Sari