Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New fosters here at the zoo! VERY SAD SITUATION- PRAYER NEEDED!

Lately things around here have picked
up a notch. My friend Christa called me
about Daisy, the little black dog- she is
a purebred IG, one and a half years old
and very very frightened of most things. She was living in a nice clean trailer with a very wonderful man who just couldn't handle her constant peeing in the house. I totally understand. It's an IG- they are so hard to housebreak. She is doing well here and will be adopted out soon.
The picture above is Max, ( I think- I never know where the pics will wind up.) His mom is Willow- a 5- 6 year old, fawn female IG. She is the mother of Max and Berkley- two IG/poodle pups that are eight weeks old. Berkley is the one with shaved hair, that has speckles. My friend Michelle and I went to get the three of them last night. The people we got them from had probably 14 dogs of all breeds- a great dane, some Samoyeds, dachshunds, poodles, then snakes, - the house was very very dirty and this family has some definite issues and it was a definite rescue. The woman who contacted me is the responsible one in the family and I am so glad that she made the choice to allow us to take the dogs. She is spaying and neutering the rest of the dogs and that makes me very happy. This family could truly use prayer. Pray for baby A, her mother, and just the whole family. I intend on contacting the mom at a later time and discussing the treatment of her children by the father. That's all I will say, but you can fill in the blanks. It was BAD. One of the individuals is studying to be a wiccan (a modern day witch). I absolutely told them about Jesus and told them that the only way to change their life was through Christ. As always, God had me there for the dogs, but more for the people who needed to hear that Jesus offers hope. They told me that the mother (Willow) was "Schizo" and would not come to me. Nothing could be further from the truth. She was in a loud and chaotic house and IGs do not do well in that kind of environment. She is very happy here and very very concerned if her puppies leave her sight. We will make a decision about them after the pups are old enough to be away from their mom- they are weaned, but emotionally the mother and the pups are NOT READY to be seperated, especially given the recent change in their lives. As always, God showed me AGAIN that my work for HIM is through his animals- that is how I reach the people. Amazing. I never cease to be amazed at how SPECIFIC GOD IS. He is so beyond explanation. I am in awe. I have no contempt for this family, I just so want those children, that one week old baby, and that entire family to know what peace, love, and order looks like with God.


Donna said...

Adorable dogs, and it sounds like a horrific situation for that family. Your seeing it all lately. Reminds me of when I did home health and saw how some people "live". I sometimes still wonder about those children, and what happened to them. Their circumstances were terrible. I'm glad you were there to share Christ with them, and know that you will follow up with them.
Your life makes mine seem quite mundane :)

Rachelle said...

I wish I could take Daisy!! She's gorgeous. We have to come meet her before she's adopted.