Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids are doing great- adjusting beautifully!

I am happy to report that the first two weeks has been pretty free of bumps in the road. Both kids like or love their teachers and their experiences have been pretty positive. Homework isn't drowning anyone yet and we've ALMOST gotten into a routine. Sunday school, junior high, and all the "extra" stuff starts right when school starts, so we were thrown from a "no schedule" into "oh my gosh, we are supposed to be there RIGHT NOW!" kind of mind frame. That's kind of a bummer, but that's life. Now if I can just straighten out which nights some of us will be home, none of us will be home and two of us will be home, I'll be fine- means I can plan real dinners when we're all home and lighter ones when it's just one or two of us here. :) I would really prefer Oprah's chef, so when you see her, tell her the delivery address for dinners is 2819 St. Road 13. I'd really appreciate it.


Sari said...

When I win the lottery I will make sure to get you a personal chef and a housekeeper. That way all you have to do is enjoy your family and pets. And the mess and food are left up to them. LOL. ; P

Love ,Sari

Donna said...

I'd prefer someone else's chef, I don't care for Oprah much anymore...but, to have someone plan and cook my meals? Priceless.