Monday, September 1, 2008

Middle school stupidity

Ok, I heard from friends that it was coming. People I trust told me that middle schoolers are mean. People told me that middle schoolers are fickle. So I thought I was prepared. But last night when Em's best friend's best friend from Chicago texted, " BYE LOSER!" to my sweet daughter, I thought I would KILL SOMEONE. Emily has never met this girl, but has been told by K (Em's best friend here in Jax) that she is the "nicest, sweetest girl." Her mom also insists that this girl is nothing but light and kindness. So she texted Em last night, " HEY!" Em texts back, "Hey!" This girl texts back, "BYE!" So Em, confused, texts back "Bye, why?" and this nasty little chick texts, "BYE LOSER!" We saw the texts. We have the texts. There is no dispute that this girl wrote this ugliness. But does K defend EMILY?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She defends her friend in Chicago who has now lied and said she never texted that. So my child is crying because HER BEST FRIEND is defending a mean and lying girl. This is awful. And what is worse, Em begs me not to get involved. I want K's mom to know what a nasty and lying little witch this Chicago chick is, but no, I have to just sit here and watch my kid cry. I am so tired of watching this kind of trash play out. My kid is not perfect, but she is NOT MEAN and she is LOYAL TO HER FRIENDS. And she said, " K gets mad at me when you interfere, Mom." So I have to just watch while K picks the wrong side AGAIN and keep my mouth shut. WHY????? WHY DO KIDS DO THIS??? So, now I am thinking of calling these wonderful Chicago parents and telling them to tell their "nice and kind" kid to leave my kid the heck alone. At what point does a parent just need to CONTROL THEIR KIDS??? AND AT WHAT POINT DOES ANOTHER PARENT NEED TO SIT DOWN AND TELL THEIR KID WHAT MISGUIDED LOYALTY IS??????????????????????????????? So I go to God and pour out my heart and the heart of this little Emily who is caught between a mean girl in Chicago and a girl she loves here, who won't believe BLACK AND WHITE. I hate mean girls.


Anonymous said...

In my memory of the past I think the biggest reason emily doesn't want you to get involved is because these girls are so mean that they will make her life worse the more you get involved. They will make fun of her. It wasn't that long ago that I was in this situation (not exact but middle school in general). The best thhing to do is to guide your daughter and teach her right and wrong and how to be strong. So when she is older she will be the one with the self confidence and self respect whereas these other girls will still be caddy and will have a harder time in life due to their two facedness. I know that this is probably tearing you to pieces and will continue to until jules is done with middle school. Be strong... stay with god... and try to look forward and at the bigger picture.
Love, sari

Kera said...

Kids are so cruel and unfortunately it starts in middle school. I agree whole heartedly with Sari. Be there and teach her the ways she should go and to hold her head up high. And for her to remember in the end she will be a much wiser and more confident person. Never let peer pressure dictate her life. You are doing a great job with the girls, and although it is hard for you they will have issues in middle school it defines what they are in high school.
love and hugs