Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I knew they had souls!!!

Ok, I've been called an animal freak my whole life. People look at me really strangely when I tell them that yes, I am a Christian, but I TRULY BELIEVE that animals have souls and go to a heaven. Well, I just saw a video that nailed it down for me- I'll include the link if I can find it. It is a video of a dog who gets hit by a van on a six lane highway- other cars drive over him without hitting him again. Out of nowhere, another dog crosses THREE LANES OF TRAFFIC to get to the injured dog. He puts his paws around the injured dog's neck and PULLS HIM BACKWARDS over THREE LANES OF TRAFFIC- bit by bit, inch by inch, until he has pulled the other dog to the side of the highway. He even looks left and right at one point to watch for cars. The road workers (who were not attempting to cross traffic and help the hit dog,) see the dogs cross to the side and go over to assist them. The hurt dog lives. It is a video that is unbelievably hard to watch, but watch it knowing that the dogs don't get hurt again. It will SHOCK YOU. I have always known that animals have souls- that they are capable of helping others and that they do care about humans and other animals, but this was the nail in my coffin so to speak.
My question is this- why in the world would God create the animals BEFORE HUMANS and take such pride in them that He asked Adam to look after them if they were soulless bits of rotting flesh? I don't believe that. They might not go to my heaven but I think they will be there- what heaven would be complete without God's creatures? Recently, I've seen examples of how animals are superior in their acts of kindness and compassion that a lot of humans. There were climbers getting to the top of Everest. They come across a man that was climbing Everest as well, but he was sick and was off the trail to the side. He was very sick with hypothermia and elevation sickness. DO YOU KNOW THAT ONLY ONE PERSON STOPPED TO HELP HIM??? The rest of the hikers (probably 30 in all, in different groups, at different times) saw him, knew he needed help, but did not stop because they had worked their whole life to climb Everest and by God, they were going to get to the top. How sick and wrong is that? The man who stopped and got help was a hiker who had hiked Everest before and wanted to hike it again, but he said that he could not leave a fellow human to die and go on with the hike- it was WRONG. Mamas dumping their newborns in dumpsters? Mama animals will not abandon their babies unless their own life is in mortal danger- there are some exceptions out there of lower classes of animals who eat their young, but I am talking about mammals here. Elephants form a circle around an expectant mother elephant- facing outwards in a tight circle- so a predator cannot strike the mother and baby. They stay like that for days afterwards- allowing the mother elephant to find food and keeping the baby in the circle. When an elephant dies, the animals cry tears and will stay by the dead family member for weeks- many times not leaving to get food for days. They cry and trumpet and the sound is gut wrenching and very soulful. Animals can predict storms, epileptic seizures, and earthquakes- was that ability given to us as humans? Do we have an instinct that tells us to RUN because a giant tsunami is about to engulf us and our children? NO. Can one human feel another human's seizures coming on? Nope. Can one person detect cancer by sniffing the other person's skin? NO. WHY??? If they are nothing but flesh and bones, why would God waste His time giving them these amazing capabilities? I know for my own life, my animals have created more comfort at times than all the humans I know put together. They love regardless of our actions. They protect us when their own lives are in danger. They save other animals- sometimes even animals of other species. A good example of this is the next video - a leopard who kills a mother baboon only to love and protect the day old baby baboon nestled in the dead mother's fur.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpfvkeo0KBc&feature=related This is a truly amazing video to watch.There are books written about these astounding examples and after reading many of them, I can absolutely convinced that animals do have souls and in some cases are higher on the scale of morality than many humans. So, think what you want of me, but I know that I will be petting a giraffe after I see God. http://www.youtube.com/user/elephantsanctuarytn Here is a video of Tarra and Bella- an inseperable pair- dog and elephant.

Here is the link to the dog rescue video. You will see related links on that page- a stray dog who saves a bullfighter- etc. They are beyond comprehension.

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Donna said...

Wow, what an amazing video. I'm not sure where I stand on this, but you sure do make a case for yourself. Just the face that animals love unconditionally...wouldn't it be nice if us humans could do that?