Friday, February 13, 2009

Praying for Haleigh Cummings and not scolding our watch dog any more!!! Video monitors for our kids' rooms???

Five days ago, a five year old child in Satsuma, Florida was taken from her bed. Her name is Haleigh Cummings. The story is that her dad's 17 year old girlfriend put her to bed at 10:00 and when Ronald, her dad, got home, she was missing. Later on the paper said that the girlfriend has been sleeping WITH Haleigh and never woke up when the child was abducted. To see this father on TV would make anyone cry- he is absolutely devastated- he was at work when she was taken from her bed. He looks at the camera, sobbing and begs for someone to bring her home. What heartache- how would you sleep at night? I cannot imagine this man's grief. And we all know that with every day that passes, the chances of her being found alive narrow. I am not being mean- it's just the truth- we've had so many missing children in Florida and the stories almost always follow the same script- child is missing, they search for days, the search discontinues, eventually the child is found dead. I pray this is not the fate for this beautiful little innocent angel. I am posting the website with her picture for everyone to look at - we never know how God might use us to help find a child.

This has made me really think about our home, it's safety, and the safety of our daughters. We have an excellent watch dog in Maggie- she is an Ibizan Hound and hears things long before we do- and she barks VERY LOUDLY. We yell at her, we put her bark collar on, and we scold her. Not anymore. Last night my girls fell asleep on the couch and Maggie slept right next to them- did I move them to their beds? NO. So, if you have a watch dog who annoys you, think about this- if that dog hears something in the night that you cannot hear because you are sound asleep, wouldn't you pray that dog would bark? Let them bark- it might just save the life of one of your children one day. Of course, we all need to lock our doors and windows and I personally think it would be a great idea to keep a baby monitor in our kid's rooms at night- to hear any sounds that they might make- they even make "baby video monitors" that show your baby sleeping- if you had one of those and someone attempted to abduct your baby or small child- you would have SOME INFORMATION about the abductor- sex, size, color of hair, what time it was, etc. I think it is time that we all started thinking ahead of these deranged beasts. If you feel silly for spending $150-200 on a camera monitor, imagine what price Ronald Cummings would pay to get his little girl back.

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