Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sorry I didn't update you yesterday- it was a rough day for me. The vet talked to Jon and everything went as they had hoped it would. I pick her up Friday. They ended up having to do a echo on her heart- heart murmur and it affected how they did anesthesia. She had gone down on her spay surgery a year and a half ago and body temp went down fast (for non dog people this means her heart rate rapidly dropped and so did her body temp), so that's the reason for the echo and the extra precautions. I cannot say enough WONDERFUL THINGS about the staff there- they have called us several times a day about EVERY SINGLE STEP and would not proceed until they got the OK from us. I had heard great things about U of F, but I have to say, they have exceeded my expectations- I highly recommend them if you have anyone who needs serious surgery and you live here. Thanks for all your prayers- We have needed them and we truly appreciate them. Sorry no pics yet- I am taking Quinn in to have his removed toe site checked and I am in big hurry but knew all of you would be checking today and concerned. Love you all- Anne for Jon and the zoo crew. PS. Jules' consultation for the growth on the bottom of her foot is July 11. She'll probably have surgery on the bottom of HER foot in August. Love you all. Anne

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