Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to Gainesville- agggggggghhhhhhhh, I am so tired- I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!!!!

Here is Pica snuggling with Daddy at the beach.
Oh my gosh, this is getting so old. After two days on her new antibiotic, Pica is once again not eating and acting yucky. So, I called her surgeon and he wants to see her tomorrow. I will feel much better after seeing him, I am sure. He has the ability to instantly access a situation and know what to do and makes you feel very at ease. I hope he offers to keep her until she is completely healed, the stitches are out, and she can run. ( I can dream can't I?). Other than her tummy bothering her, she is fine- she's walking on all legs and acting like a million bucks. Crate, leash, crate, leash, crate, leash. Poor little sweetie pie. I feel for her. I'll keep you posted after I get home.

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