Friday, July 11, 2008

Frustrating morning, need new doc, but we're headed for the beach!

Soleil with Jules- who knows what it is???

Is this child beautiful or WHAT??????????

Well, I have to say that this morning was a COLLOSSAL waste of time. No, this is not me being negative. This was a case of

#1 idiot doctor (no name)

#2 long wait for idiot doctor

#3 idiot doctor suggesting insane things

#4 idiot doctor who doesn't listen

Here are the highlights of our trip. Doctor can't find report from MRI radiologist. Reads it and reads it to me, " Most assumable is granuloma developed from foreigh body in foot." (In English- a while back she may have (probably did, does all the time) gotten something stuck in her foot like a thorn or a splinter, that has caused the body to put protective or rejective tissue around it. He asks if we have had an x-ray. Yes, we have. He orders another one which is OF COURSE, negative. He says that he wants another BETTER MRI because he has never seen anything like this and he has no idea what it is. (He's an orthopedist). Now, the picture you are looking at is NOT what this started out as- it started as a lump under the skin that has now shrunk and looks like a black almost flat spot. So he starts asking about her health- has she been tired or sick alot or has she been running a fever- NO NO NO. He then says, " Well, I think what we'll do from here is get another MRI and then refer you to an ORTHOPEDIST ONCOLOGIST." I said, " WHAT?" He then goes on to tell me that more than 30 years ago they did a survey and found that the MORTALITY RATE for patients whose biopsies were done by regular orthopedists was much higher than the mortality rate of those patients whose biopsies were done by orthopedic oncologists. I kept my mouth shut (YAY ANNIE). How we got from this is something minor like an old splinter or thorn to it might be something an ONCOLOGIST needs to look at is beyond me. I am spitting mad now. So then he says, I think your daughter should get out of the boot- I don't think she has Sever's Syndrome anymore. "Why would you say that?" (Jules mouth dropped open like, " WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT, MY FOOT IS KILLING ME!" He said, " Well she showed no reaction when I palpated the foot. " "Do it again and this time, Jules don't hide your pain and tell him on a scale of 1-10 how much it hurts." She did, it was an 8 or 9. "Oh, I guess she does." (Did he ever ask her if it still hurt??" NO. She is used to not jerking her foot out of a doctor's hand- she would consider that disrespectful. So she grits her teeth and lets them mash and prod and doesn't say a word. If they don't ask, she doesn't say, " HEY THAT HURTS!!!".

MY plan of action is to see my brilliant pediatrician Monday and then ask her if perhaps a dermatologist should take a look before we go running off to the oncology dept. I am not saying that it possibly couldn't be that (my kids read this) but based on the appearance and presentation of this, I doubt it is a melanoma. It looks like a blood blister now and honestly, Jon and I believe that it WAS a foreign body and that in another week, that black blister is going to open up and release something or it's going to go away. If it is an oncology deal, we'll deal with it head on, but I want a second opinion especially after seeing THIS GUY- what a piece of work. SO WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray.

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Laurel said...

This is why I generally HATE doctors. It took me more than SIX MONTHS to finally be referred to a competent specialist that wants to do a biopsy IMMEDIATELY. I am so sorry you had to deal with that idiot doctor and I hope, very soon, that you will find a competent specialist that will give you REAL ANSWERS and stop wasting precious time and money!