Sunday, July 13, 2008

IT WAS A SPLINTER, NOT CANCER- it's coming out!

I am so excited that I am shaking. I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT. Jules swam in the pool twice today and she just came in and said, " MOM, the black spot is GONE!" I looked and there, in it's place was white flesh with a tiny black stick in it. So now all we have to do is get the black stick out of her foot (she screamed and said she'd rather have another MRI and an IV- she is hysterical about splinter removal which is probably how this nasty little stick never got reported to us!) I told Jon that I felt like with it was changing daily and becoming closer to the front of the skin and that the body was indeed trying to push something OUT and he totally agreed with me. And we were right. So sorry, Dr. Hahn, we WON"T BE SEEING AN ONCOLOGIST- it's a DANG SPLINTER just like the original MRI said. (The original MRI said it was consistent with a "foreign body lodged in the foot.") WOW. Jules said to tell you thanks so much - that she loves you all!!!!! Thank you for praying- I knew somehow God would heal this foot- I really did believe that. Thank you so much for praying- we can now go to the beach and RUN on that foot without pain. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. Jules just ran in here after I posted and said, " MOM THE STICK IS GONE- there's nothing there but a tiny hole where the stick was!!!!!!!!!!!!" So praise the Lord again- no stick removal tonight!!!!


moppet said...

Way to go prayers do get answered and that is fine with me. love you all

Donna said...

Again, just amazing. I'm so very glad that it worked out this way and Julianna has undoubtedly learned a lesson the hard way ;)

Cheryl said...

Hey! Don't faint! I actually got online. Great news! Give Jules a big hug!