Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Princess is home!

Anne drove happily to Gainesville to get Pica today and Mark, our wonderful student who has kept us apprised of her progress had wrapped her in hot pink just for pictures! :) She is doing very well- she doesn't seem to be in alot of pain but does get worn out after a short walk and wants to go in her crate- very unlike her to CRAVE HER CRATE. She has eaten since she's been home and peed- still waiting for the other. (In case Mark is reading this.) I never thought working with the people about her surgery would be a pleasure, but it WAS. They explained the whole surgery again today, showed me the x-rays of before and after and were just PHENOMENAL. Thank you again, Dr. Apelt, Mark and anyone else involved in her care. As you can tell from the photos, we were thrilled to have her home and she was thrilled to see us!!!!

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