Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hermit crab resurrections and hamster discoveries!

Well sometimes I just marvel at how God works around here. Don't get me wrong, we've had our share of deaths, sadness, and parakeets that drowned in the pool (just one). But lately we've had two pretty unusual and if you ask me, miraculous events. The first involves Zippy- the hermit crab with the purple shell that is on the left hand side of the blog- Jules' crab. Well, hermit crabs die. It's a fact of life. And when they die, they often are found in parts- legs, body, claws- all seperate. We bury the parts, say a prayer, Jules or Em shed a few tears and then the next time we go to the beach, we buy another one. We are aware that hermit crabs molt as well. They lose legs and then grow new ones. Well, months ago Zippy died. Jules brought all the parts to me, crying. We were just going to bury the parts, but Jules said God told her to bury the shell too, and put it on top. So we did, (I am not going to argue with something my kid said God told her to do.), we made a cross and buried him. While the kids were in VA two weeks ago, I came home late in the afternoon from shopping and went behind my van to make sure the cat water wasn't hot or dirty. I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and there was a hermit crab crawling across our driveway, more specifically a purple shelled hermit crab. I almost choked. I called Jules very quickly on the phone and said, "Jules, I want you to think and answer this question. Which crab died most recently and what color was his shell?" "Zippy, MOM! And he was purple with spots underneath." I said, " I am holding him." "WHAAAAAAAAAT?" I then went on to tell her the story- well our front door is a good 100 feet from our driveway. She went crazy- Mom, there has to be a mistake- he was DEAD, MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " I know, honey." So I said we should name him Lazurus. You can say he just molted- but I saw the PARTS. I don't know what happened, but he's alive. What are the chances that I would see him on the driveway before he disappeared forever into the grass? Pretty darn slim. I saw that as a sign of encouragement from the creator who made him.
Last night, James, Jules' hamster escaped from the ball. Around here, a loose hamster is not a good thing- most of our dogs would stand over him until we got there, but some of them might eat him. (Trego most specifically). Well at ONE TWENTY IN THE MORNING, I was awoken by something and I got up to eat and drink something. I was walking back to the bedroom and Jon was getting some milk bones for the dogs out of the laundry room closet. I was passing the laundry room, looked down and there was James, just sitting there, looking at me. And there were all the dogs, completely oblivious. I was so stupified and sleepy that the only words I could get out were, " HAMSTER HAMSTER, GRAB THE HAMSTER!!!" Jon whipped around and picked him up and he is safely in his cage. What are the chances of me being up and he and I being in the exact spot where the hamster was- or did the hamster COME TO US??? We'll never know, but again, I found it nothing short of a miracle- this is a big house and I counted that hamster as gone forever. The above images are not our animals- just ones I found on the web. :)


moppet said...

I am so glad that James was found. At least he did not get eaten....


Donna said...

Good gracious...God really rocks your world, doesn't He? Life around here is SO much more boring. That's wild about zippy. I don't get that at ALL!