Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quinn and the missing toe- graphic- sorry!

I wanted everyone to know how brave Quinn has been for his missing toe operation. Here are some photos of him, his missing toe, and him licking his missing toe. :( He's such a good boy- he's in much less pain now than he was before the surgery- for those of you who didn't know the story- Quinn was a rescue from the track- five years old with a shattered front toe that was swollen and making him very uncomfortable. The toe was broken years ago but noone at the track did any vetting on it, so it just got bigger, arthritic and calcified- thus pressing that toe against the next, the next, and the next- dominoe effect. He would never hurt a fly but when we first tried to look at the toe before we knew what was wrong with it, he sounded like a LION, and I am surprised I still have my nose- no joking. We thought it was an abrasion, but I took him to the vet to be muzzled and sedated- ( I am not a fool). When they did his neuter, they took the toe too. Poor dude. My thanks to Debi and Ronnie of Second Chance Rescue for this beautiful and sweet baby. He is 85 pounds of pure love and affection. He actually tries to climb in your lap. (Not now, but before the surgery he did.). Once his foot heals, he will walk and run normally and be in LESS pain than he was before. I know that is hard to imagine looking at it now. He loves kids- but is afraid (terrified) of wood floors so we had to get berber runners from our living room to the bedroom- when someone comes in the front door, he stands in the living room and whines for them to COME SEE ME, I CAN"T COME THERE!!!- It's kind of sad in a funny way. He's on pain meds and antibiotics for a while. WE LOVE OUR QUINNY BOY!!!!

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Donna said... Glad he's feeling much better! I look forward to being called from the foyer tomorrow :)