Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pica rejecting suture material- please pray!- updated Friday night and Laurel's surgery went well!

Update as of Thursday evening- they think that with a few more days of the antibiotics and moist heat 3 times a day that Pica's swelling will go down. The good thing is that she is not running a fever and she is putting weight on the leg. She stayed at the vet all day so that was a relief to me- and they didn't charge me anything. :) My bird sitter called- her dad has Alzheimer's and he had put her cell phone in HIS POCKET and didn't tell anyone. The battery went dead so it didn't ring and she didn't know where it was. I laughed my head off. She came with her hubby and they were delightful and the birds really liked her. So the day went as it should have, thanks be to God. And more importantly my friend Laurel had her surgery and everything went well- she won't know the biopsy results for four more days so keep praying about that. Thanks to you all for praying and writing- it made me feel loved and supported.
The picture on the left shows how I feel. I feel like I am going to scream and throw up. The swelling on Pica's leg hasn't come down the way Dr. R expected it to and she's concerned that her body may be rejecting the internal stitches or that she may have an infection in the joint or the bone. I took her in today - she was supposed to go back in anyway but this morning when I saw her leg, I felt like a bowling ball had dropped into my stomach- I have this amazing gut when it comes to my children or animals- it is amazingly accurate - I can look at my oldest daughter and know 2 days beforehand that she is getting a cold. I am the same way with my animals- it's a blessing from God and a curse at the same time. ANYWAY, I left Pica with Dr. R and she is going to consult with Dr. Apelt at University of Florida about what to do. Possibilities include- exrays, stronger drugs, and I don't know what else- I guess it COULD mean a trip to Gainesville and them opening her back up but I AM NOT LETTING MYSELF GO THERE. In the meantime, my bird sitter won't call me back (we leave in two days, she needs to come and meet the birds) and we leave for the beach in TWO DAYS. I am going to puke. No, I am going to pray and trust that God will work this out. All of it. I will rejoice that the beach is 40 minutes from our house and that if a trip to Gainesville is in the cards, it's only 1 and 1/2 hours away. I will thank God for what He's done so far. So pray for these things

that Pica will get better with minimal invasion

that my bird sitter will call

that my gut will settle down- I am taking Jules' prevacid right now

that everything will work out so that noone has to make trips back and forth to Jax or Gainesville, and if we do that they are minimal and will have little effect on our family's time together in Crescent Beach.

Thank you. I ask for prayer because I KNOW THAT IS HOW GOD WORKS. I am confident that when I ask for prayer, that things change for the better.

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gcberg said...

Prime and I think you have been way tooo busy - but the good thing is that everything is ending with a happy ending - Your past week has been more than full and you are now on your much deserved vacation to refresh yourself and enjoy just "hanging" with your wonderful family. Prime would love to come play soon - He wants you to know he is getting settled although he has had a couple of upset tummies recently. (I may have discovered the guilty party to your fiasco) The large rawhide bone doesn't seem to agree with him - so even though he enjoys it it makes him have a grumbly tummy and then you know the rest ........Love to all Gale (Kallen & Prime)