Monday, July 14, 2008

Off to the beach, finally!

Thank the good Lord we are leaving Saturday for the beach. I am plumb wore out as the old folks say. Having 3 or more animals on meds and having one that needs special care (Pica) is almost too much at one time. But God is faithful and when I start feeling like it can't be done, he sends me a message through my mind, my kids, the Bible or one of the animals. And then I laugh, realize how great it is that I am doing something important with my life and go on. Today, for example I dropped a 10 pound cage tray on the top of my foot , sharp edge down. (Is there a dang foot curse going on around here or what??) I thought I was going to pass out. I came in the house and sat down and started to cry- I never cry from pain- NEVER. The girls were on me in a flash- Jules elevated my foot, Em grabbed yogurt and Motrin and water (I can't take Motrin on an empty stomach) and they put ice on it. I couldn't move- I was sweating and according to the girls, WHITE AS A GHOST. :) Thank you God for these little girls who have doctored so many animals and have been doctored so much themselves that they know what to do when Mom is incapacitated. What a blessing and how precious to me.

So, Pica and Kito, Em's bird are going with us, they are both ill- one with a leg and the other plucked and gets so depressed when away from Em, we felt he would be better off to go with us. The rest will be in the care of the Spauldings- a wonderful family who cares for our zoo as well as we do- better in some ways because there are so many of them and so few of us. :) We couldn't go on vacations without this family so we are so grateful for them. We do have a bird lady coming in to take care of the birds- some of them are persnickety and would bite the Spauldings. We will go for walks on the beach, watch hermit crabs maneuver sand castles and mazes, sleep (my favorite part of the deal) and all play games together at night or watch movies. The one very sad thing for us this year is that for the first time in seven years, our neice Elizabeth and our nephew Matthew will not be going with us. They will be doing Power up Clubs, and that is helping spread the gospel of Jesus' good news to kids who need to hear it, so we'll forgive them. But we sure will miss them ALOT. We love you two. Very much. I won't be blogging from the beach (WOW) and will only take my cell phone for emergencies and to talk to Laurel and Becca and Donna. (My three best friends.) There is ALOT to be done before we leave- so the kids and Jon and I are busting our tails daily to get it all done. But then it's seven days of sun, rain, Wings, hermit crabs, waves, sleep and coffee on the beach with my dear little Julianna the early riser. Thank you God that we can go. We need the rest.

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Twigandgyp said...

Okay, I'm now convinced that you all are missing the boat. What boat you might ask? The reality TV boat. Someone needs to turn in your names for one of those shows, because seriously you are much more interesting than most! Have you ever seen Little People Big World or Jon and Kate Plus 8? I can see it now...Life is a Zoo and all of you and your daily ups and downs. You could be rich! Anyway, I'm glad to hear about Jule's foot and happy for you all going to the beach. Have fun in the sun! Love ya, Joyce