Sunday, July 27, 2008

The beach makes me SICK!!! We had a great time anyway!!!

Here is Jules with Zippy, the "come back to life hermit crab.

Here are the three baby ducklings. To the right is Matthew, our cousin, with the girls. The bottom picture is Jon with Em's bird, Kito on his head.

I haven't learned the art of moving pictures, so if the captions are totally messed up, figure it out. :)

Every year, our family goes to Crescent Beach for a week in the same condo. We've done this for seven years. It is the highlight of our year along with our trip to visit Jon's folks each summer in Virginia. It is one of our most important family traditions. Well, when the kids were little, it seemed that one of them always got sick that week- ear infections, bad cold- you name it. Now they never get sick, but 24-48 hours after entering that condo, I get SO SICK with what I think is a cold- which then rapidly turns into a sinus infection. This year I carried antibiotics with me- thank the Lord. I think seriously there is mold or something in that unit that makes me sick. I was in bed for three or four days but the rest of the time we had A BLAST. (Jon and the kids had seven days of great fun.) We had lots of visitors this year- Felicia and her family came on day one and we always love seeing them. Matthew, the girls' cousin came down for a couple of days and they had a great time- playing with hermit crabs and drawing Pokemon. Then the girls' friends Katie and Abby came. The Clarks came and spent the last day with us. Mike and Sari, good friends were great to have there too. We spent alot of time on the beach and did have some inside time to visit as well. WE LOVE THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am starting drugs before I leave next time. ) :)

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