Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For my friend in Texas

If you are blessed, you have a good friend. A great friend. Someone who loves you NO MATTER WHAT. Someone who will answer the phone at four in the morning. Someone who will tell the truth about yourself. A person who will really understand when life is handing you a hard blow and will hold your hand until you can stand up on your own.
I have that. I have a friend in Texas that I met through a dog adoption gone wrong and we instantly KNEW EACH OTHER. It was amazing. Now, it does help that we both have minor, itty bitty, tiny mental health issues. But truly, she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known in my life and my life is a more wonderful place to live in because she is on the other end of a phone. She is off the scale smart, intuitive, brave, compassionate, loving, gutsy, and MEANS WHAT SHE SAYS. I love her like I've known her my whole life. No, she's not perfect and maybe that's what I was drawn to- she's a screw up just like me- she cusses when she cuts herself ( mine is when birds bite me), she likes to stay home and be with her kids and her animals, and she thinks most people are idiots. One time in my life she wrote me the dearest email- at a time when I was hurting so much and I will never forget that kindness. She is having surgery on a papilloma in her breast next week and I wish that all of you would pray for her, that it is benign , and that her recovery would be rapid and without complications. I wish so much I could be there for her, but like all my soul mate friends, she moved after we had known each other THREE months. But she knows I think of her all during the day and that I love her like crazy. I love you, L. I wanted you to know that. Look at the rainbow- it is hope. Love, me

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