Sunday, July 6, 2008

Poop, poop, and alot of work!!!!

Well, up until now, I have made this a very Godly and upbeat place to come. But today, I just have to tell you that it's not all flowers and roses around here. It's a lot of work! I know, you figured that- DUH, right? Well, I just thought I would give you a close up view of what our day looks like at Pharaoh's Haven. The above picture is a "morning poop". Every morning, birds deposit all the contents of their gut at one time- not unlike most humans. Well, most of our birds are trained. We say, " Do your poop!" when we get them out of their cage and they hesitate, back up and do their business on the table, we wipe it up with bleach or whatever and that's that. Sometimes, however, we miss the big event and it winds up on the floor- 99% of the time, the wood floor, thank goodness. So we are all well versed with finding a baby wipe, cleaning up the mess and moving on. We used to have an issue with the kids- we'd say, " So and so pooped." (Meaning, "your bird pooped, clean it up.") The kids began to actually examine the deposit and then claim that it "WASNT MY BIRD!!!" So we decided that the new house rule is "you see poop, you clean it up, regardless of who did it." We actually cheer for the girls when they say, ' I just cleaned up some one's poop." We feel it shows a huge sense of family togetherness. Thank goodness, although bird feces LOOK HORRID, they don't smell bad and are easy to clean up. Much easier than dog poop.

Now, I know I am pushing the envelope here, but for you fellow dog owners, you will SO COMMISERATE. We have four full sized greyhounds in the house right now. (Don't ask, I won't tell you the truth anyway.) One of them is leaving in three days. Anyway- someone has an "upset stomach". That is as big a clue as I will give, for the respect for my in laws who may read this. :) Well, it could be Trego, who is new and is adjusting to the new diet here, or it could be Quinn who is on antibiotics for the missing toe, or it could be Prime, who is very upset during thunderstorms and fireworks- of which we have had a lot of lately. We have eliminated Samson from the lineup, because he has NEVER had bowel issues. After waking up to a disaster of greyhound proportion, we decided that every suspect should be put in a crate of their own and everyone should get Immodium. (Yes, it's safe for dogs.) So, I gave everyone 1/2 of an Immodium and thought, " Well, that's over with." I went to Costco to buy 80 lbs of dog food and came home to a disaster of greyhound proportion in the MIDDLE OF MY BEDROOM FLOOR. On my carpet, specifically, NOT on the tile in the bathroom, of course. Can I just tell you, I can DO ANYTHING regarding dog poop, but I almost cried at the impossibility of this sight. Remember how when you were in school and someone vomited, the janitor had the magic powder that absorbed the worst of it? WHERE IS THAT MAGIC POWDER?????????????????? WHERE IS IT SOLD???? I managed to get it up, use the little green machine and pray that the residual stain would come up with our next rental of the Rug Doctor. (We should own one.) My husband was at the beach with the girls and I am so glad- he would have passed out at the sight. So, when I left the NEXT time, all full sized dogs WENT OUTSIDE AND STAYED THERE. Of course, I am sure they didn't DO anything in the GRASS. They were empty. So, I gave all suspect a WHOLE Immodium and prayed that I wouldn't give the innocent dog a bad case of constipation. Are you laughing yet? I was. So today, no one is very hungry and all look a bit tired and run down- I am frantic- is it the Immodium or are they just tired from one late night of fireworks and then another late night of UFC with Jon and his buddies from church? Who knows. If I knew WHO it was, I would surely have the vet take a look under the microscope and tell me EXACTLY WHAT IT WRONG. But I am not in luck. No one is talking.


Parenting the Hoovers said...

Ewwwwwwww! I deal with a lot of bodily fluids from children, a bird or dog who constantly did THAT would be put OUTSIDE for good! God makes us all different I guess.

I want to invent some instant DNA testing for bodily fluids so I can identify whose they are. Sounds like you could use the same thing!

Anonymous said...

It's not constant- it just happens now and then. It's a pain in the .......... you can guess.

Anonymous said...

Well Hello There,
I am Happy to almost tell you I think it is Prime as he gets really upset with the thunder storms. All tho the only time I see him puck is when he drinks water really fast!!!!!!!so me don't know!! as for removing the nast mews, try Fabuloso,this stuff is the best thing they came out with,i use for every thing!!
this is ronnie

moxiemommy said...

well i think it is Prim as he gets really nervious with the load noise but, the only time i see him puck is when he drank water really fast.....and also Fabuloso is really good cleaner....i use it for every thing!!!!!!!

Donna said...

Oh gracious!! I'm sure you handled it much better than I did! Ewwwwww!!!!!!! By the way, we have some of the "magic powder" that someone gave me years ago. It's made for kid's throw up, I'll have to check the name brand. Smells good and works!