Sunday, July 6, 2008

I was a track dog.........................

This is my tribute to ex-track dogs everywhere.

I was a track dog. I am eight years old. I am white with brown spots. I was a brood bitch. That means for eight years, I was forced to mate and give birth to puppies for the track. I was a good momma, I loved my puppies. I nursed them and licked them and took good care of them. And they always took them away from me. I was never allowed to keep even one of my babies. My babies either became racers, breeders, or were put to sleep for not being fast enough or not being able to put off enough pupppies of their own. I am old now and I am tired. The hair is worn from my backside and I have various old wounds. A wonderful lady named Kay came and rescued me from that terrible place so I wouldn't have to live there anymore. I am a good listener and I come when I am called. I am a lady and I don't pee in the house. My new mom gives me baths and tells me that I am important and that she knows I loved my puppies and that she is really sad that they were all taken from me. I know she means it. I live with other old track dogs and I am frightened during thunder storms. Mom holds me and tells me that it can't hurt me and I try to believe her. She tells me that I will never have to worry or hurt or be scared again. I will live with her until I die. Soon I will be happy, but right now I am still sad and a bit confused. Soon I will learn how to play with the other dogs. I will be all the things my mommy says I am already. My name is Trego.

I was a track dog. I am thirteen years old. I am a dark brown brindle. I raced for six years. I was fast. I don't have any front teeth because I hated being crated all the time and I tried to chew my way out of the crates. I just have gums in the front but I can chew in the back. Then my hip started to hurt and I was adopted to a good family. They kept me for a while and then they gave me to another family. Then they gave me to another family. Then that family moved and I was put on Craigslist. Mom saw me on there and knew that not many people would want an old greyhound- we don't live much past 16. I came and I was thin and covered with fleas- Mom gave me a long bath and told me how beautiful I was. I slept for two days and didn't get up except to eat and pee. Then on the third day, I felt so much better that I got up and I RAN- I haven't run in a long time- I was in a small back yard in my old home. My hip hurt after that and Mom gave me some special medicine that helps her arthritis and she and I have both hurt on rainy or cold days and she gives me my medicine then. I am such a soul, Mom says. She cries sometimes because she wishes she had gotten me when I was much younger and says that she loves me so so much. I love her too. I sleep most of the day, I go out to go potty, I love the other dogs and I am a very gentle soul. I know I have a home here until I go to the Rainbow Bridge. My name is Samson.

I was a track dog. I am five years old. I am a very pretty and flashy black and white dog. I was in some races and then one of my front toe shattered and they said something was wrong with my front legs. Noone ever took care of my toe and it really hurt. I was taken in by a rescue group in Daytona where a lady named Debbie and Ronnie took very good care of me and loved me very much and then Mom got me. I had sores in between my feet (Ronnie didn't know or she would have taken me to the vet) and when Mom tried to look, I growled VERY VERY LOUDLY and it scared her. I was so sorry to do that, but she didn't know about my toe. Afterwards, I licked her face to tell her I was sorry. She said, " Quinn, I am not mad, I know your foot must hurt very badly, baby." A good vet took me to the x-ray room and called Mom- "The toe was shattered a long time ago- it's arthritic and calcified- the toe has to come off." So they took off my toe and I am so relieved- I don't hurt when I walk anymore. I love my new mommy and daddy and I like to climb on the couch and I love visitors. I even try to get in people's laps, but most of them say, "Get off!" Mommy and Daddy love it and let me. I love my children, Emily and Julianna, and I wag my tail so hard when they come home from school. I am so happy here and Mommy says I have a home here forever. I am so glad I don't have to run anymore unless I want to- I had to run on my broken toe and I didn't do well in my races and people were mad at me. I know what real love is now. Real love is being worthy no matter how fast I run or how many toes I have. My name is Quinn.


Donna said...

That is the sweetest post...give those old doggies a kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Anne! I would love for Quinn to get in my lap. I want to come to Jax again and see the "new" dogs. Love, Belinda