Thursday, July 31, 2008

Successful trip to Gainesville- YAY Dr. Apelt!!!

Well yesterday's trip to Gainesville turned out better than I anticipated. I was so relieved to have Dr. Apelt take the wheel. He was pleased with her range of motion and the one spot that I thought was infected was actually the place where the pin is and it is trying to come through the skin. So, the action taken was to take out her stitches and put another bandage on (Dr. Apelt was kind enough to do hot pink again, he knows she has a fan base), and to make her rest more. No more antibiotics or anti- inflammatories, thank God- so she's eating well again. AWESOME! So, here is a picture of the two things Pica does. She is either in her crate with a heating pad or taking a walk in the yard on a leash. She does have bed privileges with Mama when I nap and she lives for that. I think Dr. Apelt was truly happy to see her and see how she was doing. He is all the things someone wants in an orthopaedic surgeon- intelligent, intuitive, compassionate, handsome, and very skilled in his area of expertise. (The handsome part is just a bonus.) :) We discussed her next surgery and he was more than helpful about that as well. I left there feeling like a million dollars and so did Pica. I hope we were a bright spot in his day as well. We go back next Friday to see if the skin is healing around the pin better- I hope we see good things. The other thing I love about U of F is they have these lovely ladies there who are volunteers and their job is to greet people and their dogs and help you with any questions you might have. A lovely lady (can't remember her name) with dark hair and bright blue eyes yesterday fawned all over Pica and made me a cup of coffee because my hands were full with Pica. That is just such a nice thing- when you drive that far, it is so nice to have such friendly and warm people taking care of you. It really makes me not dread the trip. So on to the next part of life- another young female named Daisy comes in today- we'll see how she is. Always something around here. :) I LOVE IT.

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Donna said...

Wonderful news, I was hoping the visit went well! Sounds like it went even better. Hey, if you're around my neighborhood, drop in...I've got some cookies for you :)