Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jules surgery consultation is July 11

UPDATE- We think we are going to cancel our week at the beach, and push surgery to be sooner, as her foot becomes more painful each day- she is far more important than our week of vacation. I'll keep everyone posted. I am going to call for a sooner date of evaluation today while I drive to Gainesville.
Julianna, our youngest daughter goes for her surgery consultation on July 11. She has a soft tissue growth on the bottom of her foot and it needs to be removed. We are hoping for surgery in August. I'll keep you posted- pray that she is not still in pain by the time school starts. Thank you. Here is a picture of our brave little soldier. For those of you who don't know, she suffered a 12 week long stomach virus this spring, to be followed by a diagnosis of Sever's Syndrome of the foot- temporary but painful- here's a link to it-

She's been in a walking boot for 3 weeks and will probably be in it for another few months to protect the new surgery site. She's been through the ringer, but she has been a brave little soldier. If any of you would like to send her good wishes, her email address is This is a favorite picture of hers- it's her with Dudley- a severe macaw we rescued last weekend. She got her ears pierced and she's really thrilled!Love, Anne

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Donna said...

Oh, I hope you don't have to cancel, I know how you look forward to your week...not to mention WE wanted to come and spend a day with you. Course, it's not all about us ;) I hate to hear that she's in pain, she's been so brave about all she's gone through lately.