Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There's dog food in my lingerie drawer- and other top hits at the Trinkle house!

Note to reader- after this blog, I skipped the real world and vacuumed and dusted EVERY SQUARE INCH of this very large house- just in case you were worried that my standards were slipping. :)
Well, this morning something happened and I said out loud, " Boy is that blog material or WHAT?" (With this many animals, someone is always hanging on my every word, trust me.) If I didn't love this job so much, I'd hate it. I mean it. If it wasn't for the smiles on the faces around here, some days I would cash in my chips. Today was so TYPICAL that I had to share so you all would sigh and realize how easy and non complicated your own lives are- I am such a giver, huh??? :) I got up and my dear husband had done the morning let out and feeding of bones to shut everyone up. He and the girls headed to Wild Adventures today with the youth group. So I got up, helped them gather what they needed for the trip and then I started about my morning routine. First to clean out the water and food bowls of all the birds- no problem. Then to feed the dogs, who by now have realized that the Milk Bone they got was NOT BREAKFAST. So I mix the food- warm it up (thanks to my parents for letting us borrow their 30 year old, 100lb, Panasonic "Reggie Jackson" (long story) microwave as ours mysteriously died while we were at the beach). I then head into the bedroom, as Quinn and Trego have their feeding stations in our bedroom and bathroom. So, I have the sea kelp for Trego's skin condition on my dresser. WHY?? I have no idea- I brought it in there and it just stayed. So, I am scooping out sea kelp into the bowls and mixing like a mad woman and a piece of dog food flies out and lands where? In my lingerie drawer, specifically on one of my silky nighties. I took a picture so you could see what I am referring to- the dog food bowl is on the right, the sea kelp is the white container with green writing and the nightie is the melon colored thing in the drawer. I just laughed, grabbed it, and thought, now that's blog material- how typical. I fed the dogs, changed their water and promptly went to the computer.
This job requires so much of a person and of a family- a sense of humor being the top priority. You cannot take ANYTHING too seriously around here. Nothing is sacred and our belongings are just that- stuff. God uses our animals to show us that we ought not "lay up treasures on earth where moth destroys, rust collects, or in our case, dogs vomit water on it." (That's not a direct quote from the Holy word of God, but it fits.) Emily came down today and said, " GROSS!!! Everything in THAT basket smells like James' pee." (James is Jules' hamster.) The old me would have asked WHY and HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, and rip into Julianna. The new me just sighs and says, " Ok, I'll take care of it." It's just too much work to figure out what happened, why, and lecture someone about "if you leave your clothes out and let the hamster play on them, he's going to pee on them." Now MIND YOU, I don't think a clean pile of clothes was used as James' playground- these were clothes that were left in the hallway for God only knows what reason. And they didn't smell like James' pee- they smelled like wet towels. Sort of, with a hint of rodent urine. I know some of you are laughing your fannies off- and the rest of you are totally grossed out. The second group needs to quit reading right now- the rest of you get ready to laugh some more. (My college friend Stephanie, my church friend Donna,rescue friend Christa, and my bird friend Becca are about to wet their pants, right now, I bet. Those are my real friends.) So I walked to the laundry room and threw them in with bleach and detergent and came back through and discovered that Trego had drunk her new clean water (DOGS LOVE NEW CLEAN WATER!) too quick and had "urped" it back up- on the wood floor- no biggie- grab a dirty towel, mop it up, and throw that in with the hamster clothes. This does not phase me in the least. On to the next "thing". Pica pooped on the dining room floor- she doesn't do that often, but since she's been on restriction to the house, it has happened a couple of times- so am I ticked that she pooped on the floor??? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am overjoyed that it was on the wood floor for once and HOORAY her poops are firm again- YAY YAY YAY!!! My day is made. (The prior antibiotics tore her little tummy UP.) Now, on to triage duty. What is that you ask? Well, triage here is deciding which animal(s) need medication, love, or food and in what order. Freeman the blue quaker is absolutely angry and screaming to me from his perch and he has not had much attention, so he is first- he gets to sit on my shoulder while I type. Then on to the dog with the auto-immune disorder who is on Prednisone and another drug- yesterday she didn't eat at all and slept in my bed (reserved for the sick dogs) and I need to know if she's feeling better today. Yep, Bianca is hungry. YAY. I feed her and move on to Houston- who has had diarrhea for a week due to Trego chasing him. She was a racer on the track and evidently Houston bears some resemblence to a bunny and he's much faster. Poor Houston- now that we know what's causing it, we don't allow the biggies out with the littles and my WONDERFUL VET tells me what to give him, how much and asks if I have it on hand. (I had to take another dog in yesterday for an ear infection and I asked about Houston then.) I should have a shuttle to my vet's office. I LOVE MY VET. So, Houston is given Metronidizole and given his first food in 24 hours- he eats- YAY!!!!!!!!!! This is a GOOD DAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very good day. I know, you are shaking your head. The biggies need to go out, and then I check on Pica- she's not eaten- dang. Then the biggies need to come in and I am thinking, " This stinks!" And there is Quinn at the door, with a huge smile on his face and I think, " I LOVE THIS!!!" Back to the computer to write some more.
Now, as an example that I have not dragged my dear hubbie and children into this kicking and screaming, look at Em's face, holding Dudley. TRUE LOVE. He is in breeding season and he has chosen Em as his mate. He is crazy over her. He snuggles with her, throws up for her (highest form of flattery) and chases off anyone who wants to come near her. (No, Kito is not neglected- he is always taken out first and played with more.) Jules came running in yesterday, breathless with joy. "Mama, Mama, Freeman LOVES ME NOW!" "Oh hooray Jules, you did it!!!" Freeman is "my" bird and he wouldn't let anyone but Jon hold him and Jules was just determined that the bird should love her too- so every day she would try to make friends with him. The look on her face was PRICELESS. My kids aren't thinking about boys- they're thinking about BIRDS. Awesome. Cool. Hope it stays that way. Oh dear, I have to go- the real world called (I hate the real world) and told me that there is a 1:00 opening for a teeth cleaning and that I NEED TO TAKE IT, as it's been a year since my last cleaning. I'd rather do hamster laundry.


Donna said...

Gracious, I made it through that whole blog and didn't throw up once. I must be a real friend, too. heh heh...

Rachelle said...

I know the feeling of being happy to see solid, healthy poop all too well!