Friday, July 11, 2008

Beauty and the beast!

I enlarged the original picture of Emily so everyone could see just how GORGEOUS this child is- and her insides are just as gorgeous- she has her Daddy's coloring and sometimes she takes my breath away- God is so good to give me such wonderful and beautiful and SMART kids- sorry I am bragging- I don't normally do that, but I just had to today. I LOVE MY KIDS-

This is Emily my beautiful older daughter with her most loved thing in the world- her Senegal parrot, Kito. Kito had an infection and an allergy of unknown origin and was on meds and then we stopped the meds when we were supposed to and I woke up to THIS. His pretty orange feathers were in a pile on the side of his cage and he was frantically hopping all over. Poor baby. So we are back on the meds and the benedryl, because OBVIOUSLY he wasn't well yet. Some birds pluck for behaviour reasons, but it follows a certain pattern and his doesn't fit that. The doc says he may be on Benedryl for the rest of his life. So she is treating him like a king today and giving him his special medicated baths and I am being the evil medicine giver 2 times a day. :( Poor little mite. We'll have to come back a few days for a few hours while we're at the beach (40 minutes away) because he gets real sad when Em is away. We would love to sneak him in, but they're already allowing us to bring Pica- don't want to push our luck. :)


Parenting the Hoovers said...

Okay, as a doctor myself, I vote that this is a blood blister and will clear up very soon and will be only a memory. WHAT BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN! They are clean, cute, and perfect, aren't they!?!

Anne said...

Hi Mom!