Monday, July 28, 2008

Pica's drama

If you really wanna know what you're made of, take your dog for patellar surgery. AGH. We took Pica to the beach with us and she did GREAT. Her incision was looking better each day and then 24 hours after we finished the Baytril, it looked inflamed and yucky again. So the day I left the beach, I dropped off the perishables at home and went to the vet. Now we are on Clindamyacin and Metacam (something like that- anti inflammatory). She is going Wed to U of F to have x-rays. I am so tired. She is now hating the crate, hating the collar, and ready to play with her IG friends. She is walking on all four legs and doesn't seem to be in any pain, but this one place on her leg just will not clear up. She ate like a pig today after a dose of the antiinflammatory, so that's good. I need to unpack my suitcase and clean my house and I am exhausted. I know this will all end soon. I SO DON"T WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! But she does look cute in that soft collar, doesn't she?? In case you are wondering, that is to keep her from licking at her sore spot. It's so much kinder than the hard plastic ones. She can sleep in it. Pray that this antibiotic works and that Wed's visit to U of F is a good one. Yawn. Where's the bed?????


Rachelle said...

Pica looks like an English queen.

moppet said...

Poor Pica, those things are not any fun at all.