Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pica's progress- small bump in the road, but she's better now!

Pica has done very well since surgery but I was concerned with some slight swelling and a spot less than the size of a tack head that was starting to look infected to me- she was supposed to get her stitches out yesterday (July 15th) but my vet Dr. Renee Rockefelller looked and said, " She is developing a small infection and she needs something for the swelling." She looked back in her records and we had all completely forgotten that she had a similiar reaction to the suture material during her spay surgery when she was eight months old. SMART VET!!! SO, she's on Baytril and Deramaxx- the first is good antibiotic and second is like Motrin for doggies. OH MY GOSH- after ONE dose of both meds, six hours later she was like a doggie on crack- ate like a horse, wanted to walk and walk, wasn't wanting to sleep anymore- was like, " OK WORLD HERE I COME!" It was an amazing transformation. She wanted to jump on the cats, Julianna and any other friendly looking soul. So we are taking her to the beach with us on Saturday and I am sure she will enjoy walking on the beach and having a change of scenery- she's clearly sick and tired of the crate, but has to be in it for FOUR MORE WEEKS. And we'll do it - we don't want to compromise that precious and very expensive leg for anything. I just wonder who is going to have her energy while we are gone- might need to up my Adderall. HEE HEE HEE!!! (ADD meds that give you energy.) Thanks, Dr. Rockefeller for being such a good diagnostician and detective. I'll bring her back for stitch removal and YOU can take her home and entertain her. Hee Hee. Other note- Quinn's stitches are removed from his missing toe and he's walking much better- again, Dr. Rockefeller put him on Deremaxx and a different antibiotic and he was a different dog- he has this wide gap where the toe used to be and we call him our "velociraptor". I will miss him alot when I go to the beach- he's my love bunny.

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